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Hetty Spray Mop HM40

Hetty Spray Mop - Microfibre floor mop with onboard, foot or hand operated, liquid dispenser. In striking Hetty Pink or Henry Red branded colour finish, the perfect floor cleaning team mate for your Henry or Hetty vacuum.
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SKU NM629349
Spray Bottle 400ml
Mop Head 1kg
Weight 1kg
Dimensions 340x360x370mm
The Hetty Spraymop combines all the real advantages of Microfibre floor mops and can be used dry or wet, with or without cleaning agents or disinfectant. Our onboard liquid dispenser, foot or hand operated, ensures that the mop head can be maintained in a damp condition at all times allowing larger surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned without the use of a bucket. In this day and age there is a vast range of hard floor surfaces: quarry tiles, PVC tiles, linoleum and now a vast range of laminate surfaces all of which need a fast and friendly means of maintenance. A good floor needs to be clean and look clean, on that I think we can all agree! The Spraymop is like Henry and Hetty, born of the professional market, used extensively for spot cleaning and maintenance in hotels, restaurants, shops and offices and the like, where cleanliness and looking well cared for is all important! This is genuinely floor maintenance taken into the 21st century with a single leap. With a full 40cm cleaning width you will never look back … and floors will never look better.
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