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James - JVP180-11 Blue

Small dry vac with powerful 620W motor; unique ‘caddy’ top allowing storage of small tools, duster, polish, now with AutoSave - Energy Conservation - 50% Energy saving - 30% Improved Air Quality - 20% Lower Noise Level.
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SKU VA909808
Motor 620W
Power 230V AC50 / 60Hz
Airflow 48L/sec
Suction 2300mm H2O
Capacity 8L
Range 26.4m
Weight 7.1kg
Dimensions 340x360x360mm
Colour Blue
James is without doubt, one of the most frugal, professional cleaners available, with power saving in excess of 50% over previous models, resulting in quieter operation and longer life. The AutoSave system means that every time you switch on you will automatically start on the economy setting, only if more power is needed to cope with extra dirt do you need to push the red switch to operate in the Hi mode. When you see the red light you know you are in the Hi mode so when you go onto hard floors, or deep carpets, or don't need maximum power, push the red switch again and you are back to economy. Big capacity, giant HepaFlo filtration and the new EcoFlo floor tool, gives you almost the best of everything. Easy and efficient to use, and easy and clean to empty, this is a machine that will do just about everything you would expect from a true professional.
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